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Welcome to the new temporary home of Funhouse Fibers! We're hard at work on the "new and improved" website, and hope to finish up very quickly.

In an effort to get back to creating and sharing FUN stuff, we have decided to simplify; This means we are paring down some tech stuff that wasn't working for us and sending "news" over to
our Facebook page, at least for the time being. Although we may close our Ravelry group, we will still have an account there too - just for FUN.

For the latest news, please follow us on Facebook, and/or subscribe to our email newsletter at the link shown above. (located on our blog - where we will start posting monthly tutorials & giveaways again - yay!)
We promise not to spam you with stuff!

We anticipate the store opening back up around July 15, 2014.
In the meanwhile, please feel free to contact us via email, and of course we'd love to catch up with you on Facebook.
Happy Spinning!
XOXO Miki and the gang
* Please note that the shop is temporarily closed
awesome stuff coming soon!
Our new website is officially in the works! Hooray!